Every year, FIRST LEGO League, presents a new exciting challenge to touch off creativity of children from 6 to 10 years old. Every team, up to 6 kids, starts to explore a real problem, helped by LEGO Education Inspire Model. Using LEGO Education Inspire Model as a starting point, they design their own new model with LEGO bricks. As they work, they learn basic mechanical and programming skills with LEGO Education WeDo. They apply these to make their model move. They write down their work in the Engineering Notebook and they share their journey through a poster. During their experience, all of the teams should work with core values, celebrating innovation, teamwork and Gracious Professionalism®.

What is FIRST LEGO League Jr?

FLL Jr focuses on building interest in science and technology in children 6-10 years old. FLL Jr is a program which is planned to stimulate little children’s curiosity and direct it to the discovery of science and technology. The program’s theme is a real world’s challenge that children should look into through research, critical thinking and imagination. Each year’s challenge is based on a different theme and has two main parts: building with LEGO and creating a poster. Guiding by adult trainers and the core values of FLL Jr., team members work with LEGO Education kits and focus on a subject that needs research in order to build their ideas and present them.

Form a team up to 6 members aged 6 to 10 (1st – 4th of primary school, children from nursery school can participate too if they can respond to the challenge). Every team needs at least two coaches. Anyone who wants can be a coach if he/she has turned 18 years old. There is no need of previous knowledge or experience. The only thing needed is good mood and time. Every team needs a LEGO Education kit, WeDo or WeDo 2.0, a LEGO base and craft materials. You will need to sign up for the signup tab.
Through the tournament you have the opportunity to discover knowledge by working with your team and mentors. You have the opportunity to see closely how cooperation, mutual help and mutual respect can lead the learning experience to paths we couldn’t go on our own.
The first FLL Jr. Expo of the season will take place on December 22 in Peuka, Thessaloniki, in Delasal College. Dates and places where next FLL Jr Expo will take place, will be announced soon for :

At Thessaloniki municipality on 29/3/2020
At Moni Lazariston on 5/4/2020

Athens: on 10/5/2020

Heraklion: tba

Xanthi: on 24/5/2020

Kalamata: tba

Cyprus: on 30/5/2020


What would you do if you could create a better world? Where would you start?

Now more than ever, we should be united, to innovate and find solutions for the existing problems. At FIRST, you become a member of a community that can offer you inspiration, creativity and hope for a strong and more sustainable future, a future that will be better because we will build it together. You have the power to help your city, and the places you want, to grow and improve. With FIST community’s help, you have the chance to lead and support your future, in the best and more powerful way.

Useful links with information and tips:

Registration form

Application forms for FLL Jr are open. Apply to one of the FLL Jr Expo in Greece or Cyprous, the biggest robotics celebration.

Volunteers form

FIRST® LEGO® League Jr Expo based exclusively on volunteers.