Every year FIRST LEGO League Jr Discovery Edition presents a new and exciting challenge. Teams from 2 to 4 kids cooperate to find the solution to a problem. Teams try to design a new model, using LEGO DUPLO and LEGO Education Discovery Set. As the kids work and discover, they write down their ideas in the Engineering Notebook. Kids will present their notebook, their LEGO construction and their journey to the completion of the challenge step by step.


What is FIRST LEGO League Jr. Discovery Edition?

FIRST  LEGO League Jr. Discovery Edition is an introduction to the world of STEM. Kids from 4 to 6 participate to this learning journey; they explore and reflect upon real – life conditions. This program, sets as a challenge a real world’s problem, where children will research and create innovative and original ideas. Every year’s challenge based on a LEGO structure made by kids and their research. With the help of their adult coaches, they prepare to present and share their work.

Create a team from 2 to 4 kids aged 4 to 6 years old. Every team needs a coach. Anyone can be a coach if he/she has turned 18 years old. A coach should have good mood, creativity and a little time. Previous experience is not needed.
You will need BOOMTOWN BUILT Discovery model and a mat, Six Bricks (one of the basic Lego Education’s tools), LEGO DUPLO and the BOOMTOWN BUILT Engineering Notebook for a completed discovery and learning journey.
STEAM Park seems useful as strengthens kids’ creativity. There are many possibilities to build many different versions of a game and enrich the original construction models.

This year, children have the opportunity to build their own town, as they have imagined it. They will try to solve simple problems while finding clever and innovative solutions in the process. FIRST invites you to participate in the creation of a powerfull, accesible and viable future.Teams have the opportunity to help towns and areas that they love to improve by making everyone's everyday life much easier.

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Application forms for FLL Jr. Discovery Edition are open. Apply to one of the FLL Jr Expo in Greece or Cyprous, the biggest robotics celebration.

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FIRST  LEGO League Jr. Discovery Edition Expo based exclusively on volunteers.