Every year FIRST® LEGO® League publishes a challenge, based on a realistic scientific problem. Every challenge has three parts: Robot game, Project and Core Values. Every team has two to ten members and at least one, adult, coach. Teams that take part to the challenge program an autonomous robot and score points on the thematic map (Robot Game), suggest solutions for the problem they have detected (Project) and work always according to the FLL’s values (Core Values).


Like every co-operative activity, FIRST® LEGO® League has some basic rules. Failure to observe them can lead to exclusion from tournament’s awards or other sanctions that may be decided by the judges, referees and managers of the competition.

•Teams, coaches and mentors should demonstrate Core Values in every of their action and activity.

•During the season team should have access to the following equipment:

→Educational robotics kit LEGO ® MINDSTORMS or LEGO ® Education SPIKE™ Prime

→Computer or tablet with the software to program their robot (laptop is advised).

• During the season team should have access to the following special equipment:

→Challenge’s kit

→Files from

>mission models’ building instructions

>Field Setup

>Challenge Guide

Every team that participates in FIRST@ LEGO@ League should follow the following rules:

• Teams should have three (3) to ten (10) members. It’s a mandatory term that the team is supervised from an adult, as it is described in FIRST Youth Protection Policy.

• Teams have to complete the registration form and pay the participation fee to officially enter the competition.

• Team members have to be between the age limits of nine (9) to sixteen (16) years old.

• All the work that is presented in the competition has to be kid’s work.

• All the participated teams have to be present in the three (3) judging session and in the three robot games.

FIRST® allows volunteers and competition’s stuff to apply the rules, always guided by the FIRST LEGO League’s educational material. Teams, coaches and mentor have to demonstrate the Core Values in the competition. Anyone who interferes too much, by giving instructions and attacks verbally or physically to volunteers or other teams will be asked to leave. Any infraction of the rules can lead to team’s elimination from the competition. FIRST@ LEGO@ League’s volunteers is trained, before the competition, to detect these behaviors and act appropriately. People or teams that cannot follow the participation rules will eliminate from competition’s prizes.


 Come to the 21th season of FIRST LEGO LEAGUE!. Architectures design and build buildings. They combine science and art to create buildings and structures for their customers. Sometimes they create new buildings and sometimes they redesign the old ones. They work as a part of a bigger team, like yours. Mechanical engineers, civil engineers and environmental engineers make sure that a project is fitted the chosen location. Workers, , like electrical engineers, plumbers and woodworkers deal with the construction part of the project and project managers make sure that the work will not overcome the time limits and budget. Every work is equally important to finish the project.

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Τα στοιχεία του Δρ. Ηλία Ρούσσου που θα έχει συμβουλευτικό ρόλο για τις ομάδες στο fll:

Δρ. Ηλίας Ρούσσος, επιστημονικός ερευνητής στο γερμανικό ινστιτούτο Max Planck για έρευνα του ηλιακού συστήματος, με πάνω από 10 χρόνια εμπειρία στη μελέτη του διαστημικού περιβάλλοντος του Κρόνου, του Δία των φεγγαριών και των δακτυλίων τους καθώς και συμμετοχή στο σχεδιασμό επιστημονικών οργάνων για μελλοντικές εξερευνητικές αποστολές προς πλανήτες του ηλιακού μας συστήματος

‭ +49 551 384979457‬

Dear teams, LEGO® Education® has an important announcement for FIRST® LEGO® League teams working on Mac Operating Systems (macOS). Please read the message below carefully and share with your teams where necessary. The current version of the EV3 Lab software is not compatible with the upcoming update to macOS, called Catalina. We are therefore introducing a brand-new EV3 app in November 2019, called LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Classroom. Based on the SPIKE™ app, EV3 Classroom will feature a coding language based on Scratch that we are confident will unleash the full potential of EV3 in the FIRST LEGO League program. The first release of EV3 Classroom will be in US English, followed by the other 15 EV3 languages in spring 2020. To continue to enjoy an uninterrupted EV3 experience and to avoid losing your programs, we strongly recommend that you do not update to Catalina until the end of the FIRST LEGO League season in July 2020. If you have already updated to the new OS, please contact Technical Consumer Service at to discuss how we can help you during this transition period. For further questions and support, we encourage you to reach out to Technical Consumer Service using the link above.


Official tournaments must follow the judging and awards structure determined by FIRST LEGO League. Although the audience mostly sees teams playing the Robot Game at tournaments, teams are also being judged on:

• Core Values
• Project
• Robot Design

Every team’s evaluation is done through the official rubrics of FIRST@ LEGO@ League. Rubrics are evaluation sheets that judges fill for every team. They capture the way teams worked on the three basic competition’s parts that mentioned above..

FIRST LEGO League’s judges, have trained properly by the Head Judge and have received the necessary certification in order to participate in the judgment procedure of the teams.

Frequently asked questions about the judgment procedure:



Teams must participate in all elements of a FIRST LEGO League competition including the Robot Game and all three judged areas in order to be eligible for any Core Award.

• Judges use the rubrics to help them determine which teams will receive awards.
• With the exception of the Robot Performance Award, awards are determined by a deliberation process, which is formulated around discussions of team performance in each category.
• If a team does not exhibit Core Values at a tournament, they may be disqualified from winning any awards – including Robot Performance, no matter how well they scored.
• Adults are strictly prohibited from directing team members or interfering with the judging process or robot rounds in any way.
• o team is allowed to win two awards, unless one of the awards is for Robot Performance. Robot Performance is the only category based solely on score.

* While they may attend other events for fun, teams are only eligible to win awards at the first official event of each qualifying level attended during the season.

Team Registration

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FIRST LEGO League Greece based exclusively on volunteers.