FLL or FIRST LEGO LEAGUE is a worldwide robotics organization, in the form of tournament, for kids aged 9 to 16 years old. It is designed to help kids discover and love science and technology in the most fun way by trusting their abilities and believing in themselves, while teaching them valuable life skills. It is a collaboration of the FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and LEGO® education sector and has been organized annually since 1998 in more than 98 countries worldwide.

In 2013 - 2014 the competition was organized for the first time in Greece by the non-profit Assosiation eduACT (Action for Education) and since then it has been held every March in Thessaloniki, and has been held both in Cyprus and Bulgaria.



Proven, verified influence!

The positive impact that the FIRST LEGO League has on the participants is particularly positive based on what they have recorded. According to FIRST surveys, over 88% of students improve their school performance, and over 87% are more interested in studying at a university.

FIRST LEGO League teams should:



•Face research problems encountered by modern scientists.

•Design, build, test and program robots using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® equipment.

•Apply mathematical and algorithmic thinking.

•Acquire critical thinking, team spirit and presentation skills.

•Participate in competitions.

•Understand and apply the concept of fair play.


The Core Values ​​of the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE are the main thing of the program. It is one of the most important elements that distinguish the tournament from similar programs. Through Core Values, participants learn that competition and having a common goal are not two separate things, and that altruism is the key to teamwork.

We express the philosophy of FIRST, noble professionalism and teamwork through Core Values:

Discovery: We are exploring new skills and ideas.

Innovation:  We solve problems with innovation and perseverance.

Influence:  We apply what we have learned to improve the world.

Respect:: We respect each other's diversity

Teamwork: Power in the union. We are stronger when we work together

Fun:  We enjoy and have fun with what we do